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First : Official & Public Sectors


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Arab Contractor 
Ahkbar El Yom 
Dar El Mareff  Establishment  
Medical Center for Arab Contractor  
Masroub Co. ( Pepsi ) 
Nile Concert Company  ( Sbeco )

The Ministry of Tourism 
Egyptian Tourist Authority  
Al Ahram  Agency 
Suez Canal Insurance Company 
Misr Hotels Company 
Public Organization for Contraction  
Egyptian Medical Trade Co. 


Second : Hotels, Cruises, Restaurants, Embassies , Banks,

International Companies & Public Sectors



Cairo Marriott Hotel 
Nile Hilton Hotel  
Mena House Oboroi  Hotel 
Peramisa Cairo Hotel 
Siag Pyramids Hotel 
Helnan Shepherd Hotel 
Ramada Renascence Hotel 
Helnan Port-Said 
Helnan Maka (S. Arabia) 
Europe  Cairo Hotel 
Flamenco - al-Zamalek 
Isis Luxor Hotel  
Isis Aswan Hotel 
Isis Island Aswan 
Novetel Luxor  
Mercriar Luxor 
Tut Hotel Luxor  
Coral Bay Sharm 
Coral Bay Sharm 2 
El Sheik Cost Sharm 
Paradise Sharm 
Windsor El Zafrana  
El Sukhna Portrait 
Mirratte Resort Hurghada 
Shedwan Village Hurghada 
Presidential Hotel Hurghada 
Chateau De Pyramids 
Odoun Place  Hotel 
Regency Alexandria 
Obroi Sahrayar Cruise  
Bawaki Resort Nuwabia 
Palm de Meritte Resort

Magawish Resort Hurgada

Pyramisa Sharm El Sheika 
Hilton Dahab - Dahab 
Sultan Beach LTI Hurghada  
Coral 1 Nile Cruise 
Coral 2 Nile Cruise 
Oboroi Saherzad Nile Cruise 
Monaliza Nile Cruise

Davanci Nile Cruise  
Ninenfa Nile Cruise 
Alexander The Grate Cruise 
Lafayatee Nile Cruise  
Exclesior Nile Cruise 
Nile Goddess Nile Cruise 
Sun Boat Nile Cruise  
Nabila Nile Cruise  
Nour Nile Cruise 
El Azba Restaurant  
Pizza Hut Restaurant 
Australian Embassy  
Denmark Embassy 
France Embassy  
Finland Embassy  
Greece Embassy  
U S A Embassy  
USA Ambassador Office 
Nigeria Embassy  
Qater Embassy  
Singapore Embassy  
Indonesia Embassy  
Zaire Embassy  
Turkey Embassy 
Qater Embassy ( INDIA ) 
Qater Embassy(PAKISTAN)


Egyptian Brith Bank  
National Bank Of Greece  
Suez Canal Bank 
Ayala Middle East Co. 
Dar El Fouad Hospital  
Caltex Petroleum Company 
Kodak Egypt  
Meg Consultant Company 
Al Shtom France  
AEG  Germany  
General Electric  Company  
General Electric Air Crafts 
Otis Elevators  
Egyptian Air Force  
Air Force Academy 
Squib Egypt 
October Pharma 
Ciba Gagy Pharma 
Gabour Bros
Itamco Co.
Servee  Egypt Co. 
Swissall Company 
Okaz Brokers  
EFG Hermes Investment  
Egyptian Greece Society  
Greece camber Commerce  
Cairo Metro Projects  
French Antiquity Mission  
US Aid Projects

Roma Hotel Hurgada

Verdi Hotel Hurgada

Obroi Resort Hurgada

Dary Co.


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