Dr. Chimy
El  Chimy  , Mohmed Hussien
Egyptian Veterinarian working with veterinary medicine,
drawing and anatomical subjects.
Born in Cairo, graduated from faculty of veterinary Medicine 1956, Cairo University
high course of veterinary surgery diploma 1962, Diploma of fine arts from
Leonardo Da Vinci Cairo 1955, and graduated from Academic center
of the Audiovisual Aids in Berlin 1972. Diploma of higher studies in
Islamic Antiquities, Cairo University 1983, Diploma of Higher
studies in pharaonic Antiquities, Cairo University 1986.
His special studies are animals, Arab horses, the historical places during his perambulation through all
Egypt. He designed artistic textile,filmstrip,  and articles for every use.
For many years he has been working in medical industries and has made a large number of scientific
drawings.He has produced splendid collections of engraving; Water colors from Cairo, Fayoum,
Edfu, Upper Egypt and Oases.
Dr.Chimy Art Creations of
This is some of his sets about:
1. The Glory of Islamic Cairo.
2. The Egyptian Artisans and their national handicrafts.
3. In the shadow of Thebes.
4. The medieval Houses of Cairo
5. The coptic Churches and monasteries in Egypt
6. Rural Egypt
7. The Arab horses in Egypt in Full color
8. The Arab horses in Egypt in Full color II
9. The Egyptian Oases.
10. Birds in Full Color.
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