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Encart Chimy Gallery

An Egyptian Fine Art Publisher, manufacturer , and wholesale distributor of Fine Art Prints , Poster , Greeting cards , Lithography , Oil painting, Water colors , Engraving , Matted Prints and  Framed Pictures & Cards .

Framed Posters
We have the best 
Fine  Art  reproduction Poster, Cards or Collections framed as the Card Samples Shown can be ideal for Gifts with a very good price .

Many more
Roses & Flowers   or
 Land Scape Framed Posters

 Or As Framed  cards Also in this links
  Roses Cards , Landscape Cards or 
Decoration Cards

size 20 x 25 with Frame
Roses & Fower Poster   
Dr. Chimy   Art Creations

Size 30 x 40 cm with frame

Encart Chimy Gallery.    1,Zakaria Ahmed St. Off 26 July - Down Town - Cairo 11111 - Egypt  Tel :+202 - 25741430 - 0100 1435647