What is the different between?

Printed Art Forms?


Images can be put onto paper in a number of ways. The techniques are many, and the terminology is confusing, below you will find a brief description for each of the most common techniques.

Original Prints

an image is drawing or painted with a greasy substance the image is drawn on an aluminum plate or copper, which is then treated by comic acids for several days.
The aluminum is treadted to accept water, than inked with a roller and painted on a lithography press it is signed and numbered and usually printed on better paper.

Chromatic Lithograph:
This is the same as a lithograph with a continuous tone reproduction then with hand drawn touch colors, using both serigraphy and lithography.

four color process lithographic reproduction of painting usually with type on or around the image

Edition print:
This is the same as poster without type around it.

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